Gifts that Enrich the Island The Vineyard Golf Club Foundation contributes generously to the Island, supporting a wide range of charities-- from conservation, to housing, police, hospital and nursing--their grants have made a measurable impact during challenging economic times. In the ten years since inception, more than thirty local organizations have received gifts from The Foundation totaling over $1.6 million in cash contributions. Rounds of golf on the exclusive course are routinely donated for auctions and fundraisers, and each September members relinquish the course to local organizations, including the Vineyard Nursing Association, The Rotary Club and MV Ice Arena for their annual fundraising tournaments.

Each year Vineyard Golf Club members contribute to the Club's charitable foundation. These funds are then given back to the Island community. From helping to build the new MV Hospital and YMCA, to supporting cultural and family programs including the Drum Workshop and Boys & Girls Club, year-round residents and seasonal visitors alike have benefited through generous gifts from club members and the Vineyard Golf Club Foundation.

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